The Cluemeister’s Explanation of the 2022 Jimmy John’s Medallion Hunt


I had chosen Dirksen Park many years ago and it was found on the 2nd clue that year.  So I’ve been reluctant to go back.  When I had committed to it I knew we’d have to hide it further back than last time.  Yet in doing so, we needed an easily recognizable spot.
The noticeable hollow of a tree accomplished that.  I also want a non-physical set of clues.  As I scrolled my Googled entry of Everett Dirksen Park, I found “Dirksen Nature Park” in Tigard Oregon.  I knew I had to go there.  I did this for those hunters who can’t get out, live far away, or just want a bit of a heightened brain teaser.

Winner Matthew Julien and Cluemeister Gary Gillis

So here goes:

Clue # 1

“Congrats to our proud Marigold Festival
Fifty years a wonderful prelude to Fall.
celebrations may come and go
But they’re full of memories for all.

This year we welcome new sponsor.
Jimmy John’s now part of this tradition.
Counting on hints big and small 
Knowing work and fun are your mission.”

“Fall”  refers to the slightly steep part of the trail as you enter Running Deer Trail
“Celebrations may come and go” refer to parks- the better known venue for celebratory activities.
“Hints big and small” relate to the clues that will be coming later- especially the eventual reference to Tigard, Oregon, the home of the “Dirksen Nature Park”
“Work” indicates this hunt will require an extended effort especially the distance required going back into Dirksen Park.
Finally, given the effort that is likely in this year’s hunting, this would not be a casual effort.  It would call for it to be your “mission”- energy, determination, and perseverance.

Clue #2

Move forward while staying resolute
More detailed directions to come.
Clue excitement and adventure for many
Could be easy or challenging for some. 

If you find the way and place.
I state my purpose here.
Seek outdoor gathering places.
Things will become abundantly clear,


“Move forward while staying resolute” tells the Hunter that they will be trekking quite a ways to get to the hiding place.  It also denotes the hills and bridges that will require diligence to continue on.  For some the walk may be “easy” or “challenging”.  The Dirksen Statue also stands “resolute” in its pose.
In the second verse, “State” is a set-up for the next clue which introduces the idea of getting a “big hint” from a place in another state.  “Outdoor gathering places” refer to those places in Dirksen Park- the R/C Club, the Archery Club and Running Deer Trail for hikers and mountain bikers.

Clue #3

Famous journeys historic,
One ventured south the other north,
Really they were heading the same way
Find the end and then go forth.

Hunters who are thick as thieves;
There might be idioms for the open minded.
Follow all the rules clearly stated
A feverish obsession can hit you blind-sided.


The whole first verse hints at the introduction of a clue for those who Armchair Quarterback.  If you Google “Dirksen Park” and scroll down past Pekin references you come across “Dirksen Nature Park” in Tigard, Oregon.  In this clue I refer to the Oregon Trail that with the Sante Fe Trail were “journey’s historic”.  The “Trail” hint also refers to a trail being near the hiding spot. Here it is Running Deer Trail”.
if the hunter figures Oregon and Googled “Oregon Dirksen”; scrolls down a little they find “Dirksen Nature Park”.  More focused clues to follow zero down toward the Oregon Park.  This is an admittedly tough, sketchy intro to this part of the hunt.  But it is only Clue 3 and it’s one piece of the puzzle.
In the second verse, “thick as thieves” is an “idiom” that refers to the forest of Dirksen Park. “Rules clearly stated” are the rules listed at the entrance to the park’s Running Deer Trail.
“Feverishly” relates to a temperature above-or “north”- of 98 degrees.  Dirksen Park is on the north side of Route “98”.
The last word is “blindsided”.  I hyphenated it to distinguish “blind”.  Everett Dirksen quit the House of Representatives from fear he was going blind.  That did not happen.  He eventually returned to Congress by being elected to the U.S.Senate.

Clue #4

Life is like an elevator
Most people would agree.
It’s not only what you feel.
It’s what you also see” 

This is an intellectual and physical exercise,
Those are points I want to get across.
There are few who go 26.2.
Translates into too high a cost.


“Life is like an elevator” describes the trail topography.  You go uphill to get to the parking lot and downhill shortly after you begin the trail.
“It’s not only what you feel”- walking or biking the trail; crossing bridges; going a distance.
“It’s also what you see”  relates to the wood piles, footbridges and a log carved with “X’s.
Intellectual and Physical Exercise” indicates the amount of research and interpretation that will be required as well as the physical effort for hiking and mountain biking
“Those are (two) points to get across which relates to the two bridges you cross before the location as well 
26.2 “translates” to running a marathon (26.2 miles)  “Running Deer” is the trail in Dirksen Park

Clue # 5

What would a woodchuck do
If he was out and about?
If you’re alone and find it,
Would anyone hear you shout?

If in Clue 3 you journeyed to the 33rd
You figured one of 50 to the “T”.
Be guarded as you find the city,
There’s naturally a nice place to be.


First part is pretty obvious.  I’m hinting that it is hidden out in the woods.
Second verse zeros more into Tigard, OR.
Oregon is the 33rd state.  I introduced that as part of the “journeys historic” in Clue 3.-the Oregon Trail.  “T” is the first letter of Tigard.
(Pronounced “Tie-Guard”).  Google “Oregon towns and cities that stat with a “T”.  “Guarded” helps on that effort; “naturally” further defines because of “Dirksen Nature Park” in Tigard.

Clue #6

An opening letter salutation 
Preceded by an interpretation in Clue 4.
A sign that’s slang opposite of bravery.
There’s green around to adore

A marketing slogan of a cookie company,
Simon says a 60’s duo and 70 song.
is 7 where we’ll end up,
Since your way may be a little long?


Opening letter salutation is “Dear”
In #4 “marathon” relates to “running”.
Together you have “Running Deer” which relates to “Running Dear Trail” (this and I S 7 was the tip-off for the finder) in Dirksen Park.
“Opposite slang of bravery” is “yellow”, for the yellow sign posted on a tree that says “trail”.
“Market slogan” is Keebler whose cookies are made in the hollow of a tree.
60’s duo and (19)70 song is “Simon and Garfunkel “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.  The medallion was just past the second bridge.
“Is 7” relates to the sign post that vertically says “I S 7” 
“Way May be a little long” indicates distance required to find it.

Finally, note that the first clue started and ended with quotation marks.  If anyone was known for his oratory it was Everett Dirksen.  Hiding it in a park that honors his name at our 50th Festival was something that had to happen.  I hope you’ll agree.

 There you have it.  A big Congrats to Matt Julien- a Hunter for many years and now a winner.  Thank you to all who participated and those who’ve put up with my 35 years of trials and brain teasers.  I hope you’ve had fun.

Of course- Thank You Jimmy John’s!!

Now…go enjoy the 50th Annual Marigold Festival!!  We’ll see you there.

Gary Gillis

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